Product features

Spur Gears: Steel spur gears in 20 through 2 Diametral Pitch – 14 1/2° pressure angle stocked. Other circular, metric, or D. P. sizes made-to-order in 14 1/2°, 20° or other pressure angles from steel, nylon, phenolic, bronze, cast iron or other materials up to 96″ diameter. Internal gears and ground external profiles may be provided subject to equipment limitations.

All sizes available with hardened teeth as an alteration.

A gear is a tooth element,These tooths are mounted on a wheel which rotates and transmits motion.
The basic function ofan gear is to transmit rotary motion as well as power from one shaft to another.
Gears can also be used to amplify power.
Almost in every machine where speed control is needed gears are used

In order to serve you better,pls kindly send us clear accurate drawings,   material ,hardness and surface treatment 

What’s the advantage of our gear?

1.Strict quality control gear raw materials, never shoddy

2.Mature heat treatment technology and use of vacuum furnace

3.On-time delivery