Product Description


1.Trade term:FOB/CIF/CFR.

2.Payment term:T/T or L/C.

3.Inquiry: Please show me drawings and detail technical specifications 

4.Delivery Detail:about 35 days from order

1. to make a good product , we need a resposible heart firstly. because of the  heart, so professional 

2. a high quality good must have a good raw material. we purchase the raw material with super quality and competitive price to ensure our finished product.

3. during machining the sprocket, there are three stages: rough machining, semi finish machining,  finish machining. every stage

has quality control person to supervisen the production  in order to  guarantee the quality.

4. many precision  equipments are used during our production such as digital caliper, digital micrometer, zinc detector, deflection meter,haraness test, salfspray testmachine and so on. these precision instruments are guarantee the size of the sprocket. so our  products are standard.

5. during produce the goods, each workshop has a director  to control the quality, if there is a quality problem, the products are selected to machine again until the quality reach the standard .  

6. all in all, our products are of high quality, because test and control exists each procedure.